Master Plan Update

Airport planning is a process that needs to be addressed at most airports periodically. This is typically accomplished through an update to the Airport Master Plan.

The most recent Airport Master Plan for EWN was prepared in 2007 and due to the age of this document the existing Airport Master Plan contains outdated mapping, drawings, and recommendations. An airport such as EWN should update the Airport Master Plan every 5-10 years so that the airport has an up-to-date planning document that is based upon current industry trends and accurate demand.

Therefore, the airport initiated an Airport Master Plan Update (AMPU) for EWN to develop the framework for planning future development at the airport.

The primary goal of the EWN Airport Master Plan Update is to prepare a living document that will serve as the airport’s official planning guide for capital expenditures for the next twenty years.

EWN Master Plan Open House Public Notice
AMPU Open House Draft Notice


Coastal Carolina Regional Airport

200 Terminal Drive

New Bern, NC 28564


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