63rd Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament- June 11-19, 2020

63rd Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament- June 11-19, 2020


The beauty of the Big Rock is in how it captures a snapshot of the community it thrives in. For the people of Carolina’s Crystal Coast and the greater sport fishing world in general, the Big Rock represents everything we value most, namely:

  1. Family – People of all ages and backgrounds enjoy the Big Rock for a variety of reasons, all of which help us realize the importance of family and the joy of spending special time with loved ones.
  2. Community – Morehead City and the surrounding area has supported the Big Rock for 60 years! Without the enthusiasm and effort of all community members, the tournament would not be what it is.
  3. Charity – Doing our part to stand by friends, family, and neighbors is rewarding and gratifying, especially when we see the positive impact it has locally. We consider it an honor to team up with some truly remarkable charities.

To all the participants and spectators who take time out of their lives to enjoy all the Big Rock has to offer, thank you! Your interest, dedication, and presence is never overlooked. We will continue working to improve the tournament you love while maintaining the historic tradition it will always carry.


The Big Rock is lucky to have sponsors that are tremendous representatives of Morehead City, the Crystal Coast, and the sport fishing industry. Without their undeniable passion for the tournament, our combined goals are not achievable. To our many sponsors, thank you!

Interested in sponsoring the Big Rock? We offer many tiers of sponsorship that can work for you. Contact us by email or call (252) 247-2392 to get more information today!


A primary goal of the Big Rock is to positively impact the communities we depend on. Part of that mission involves fundraising for many well-deserving charities throughout the area. In addition to the Kelli Wagner Big Rock Lady Angler Tournament (KWLA), which has donated over $250,000 to local cancer research and treatment since 2005, the Big Rock has done fantastic work throughout Carteret County.

If you would like to get involved or make a donation, please visit our Charity page.


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